In Store Play

COVID-19 presents many challenges to facilitating open play in our space. We have been researching, collecting best practices, and planning for several weeks. Given what is known about COVID-19 at this time, these are the measures we think are best suited for a resumption of in store play. These measures are for everyone’s safety and are the only way in store play will resume at Critical Hit Games.

If you want to play in the main play area of the store, you will have to wear a mask. A mask is required for shopping as well. Since keeping your mask on is important, we ask you to please plan to eat your meals outside or elsewhere. Drinks and snacks are ok but should result in occasional removal of the mask, not removal until finished.

If you book a room, wearing a mask is encouraged but not required while in the room. However, since it is not possible to wipe down the majority of boardgames, use of the store’s open play library requires the use of a mask.

We have reduced the available play area substantially. Our goal is to spread out games as much as reasonably possible within the play area.

There are 3 board/card game tables that will accommodate groups up to 6 people. These tables are 8 feet apart and have overlays on them to make them 44 inches wide.

The 5 tall tables are for miniature wargaming and only half of each table is available for use. This way games are never back to back and an average of 3 feet is kept between players. The remainder of the table may be used to place bags and such.

The 2 tall tables outside are available for use and will not require a mask to be worn but it is still encouraged. They have been moved further apart to facilitate keeping a responsible distance.

The 2 private rooms are available for booking and may be used without masks since they are self contained. We are able to fully wipe down all chairs and surfaces in these rooms and will be doing so between each booking. You are also allowed to eat in these rooms. Due to the need to clean the rooms after each group there is currently only one booking per day, per room. A room booking is $50 for the full day but the room will need to be emptied 15 minutes prior to closing.

Table space in the main room is on a first come, first served basis and will not be reserved. Only one group/game per table please. Think of the table like your table when you are dining out, it is for your group.

For now there will be no organized play or tournaments that require randomized pairing. The methods to do these style of events safely are still being worked out.

For the time being our hours will remain 12-8pm every day.

In Store Play resumes on Saturday, June 6, 2020.