Book a Private Game Room

We have 2 Private Game Rooms that you can book for your gaming group!

There are the Dragon and the Space Rooms. Each room will comfortably accommodate 8 players and contains a 4×8′ table surrounded by Racer style Game Chairs! Acoustic Panels ensure privacy and clarity of speech.

When are the rooms available?

Room bookings are limited to one booking a day to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned between each group

How do I book?

You can book a room in the store or by contacting the store.
A Store Credit Account is required for booking a room.

Room Rates

While operating under the limited hours and space during the COVID-19 Pandemic rooms will be $50 a day with no variable bookings. Recurring reservations will be $40.

Rates are predicated on 5 hours of usage.
The standard to reserve a single block is $40.
To reserve a room all day on a weekend or holiday – 2 blocks – is $70.

There are two types of special reservations – Recurring and Variable.

A Recurring reservation is the booking of 4 or more dates (i.e. my group wants to use the Dragon Room every Monday for D&D) A Recur is $40 per booking with a minimum of 4 dates paid for at the same time.
An additional advantage of having a Recur Booking is that during the period of your Recurring Reservation, if you are at the store and the room is available, you can book that day for your Recur rate of $40.

A Variable reservation is the booking of 4 or more blocks without specifying the days/times. (i.e. I would like to make 5 bookings that I can use when I want subject to room availability) A Variable is $35 per block, minimum 4 blocks that can be 4 different bookings or combined for full day bookings.

Sometimes a room might be available for less than 5 hours. (i.e. it is 5pm Saturday afternoon and the Dragon room is available and you want to use it. Since there is only 3 guaranteed hours till closing, you shouldn’t have to pay for 5 hours.) You can book the remaining time in a block for $8/hour for Recurring Bookers, $9/hour for Variable Bookers and $10/hour for all others, rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

Booking Cancellations

A Booking can be canceled and either refunded into your store credit account or added to your existing Recur. Cancellations within 48 hours of the date of the booking will incur a $5 cancellation fee.