Book a Private Game Room

We have 2 Private Game Rooms that you can book for your gaming group!

There are the Dragon and the Space Rooms. Each room will comfortably accommodate 8 players and contains a 4×8′ table surrounded by Racer style Game Chairs! Acoustic Panels ensure privacy and clarity of speech.

When are the rooms available?

Room bookings are based on two 5 hour blocks.
12:30pm – 5:30pm and 6pm – 11pm

How do I book?

You can book a room in the store or by contacting the store.
A Store Credit Account is required for booking a room.
Room bookings are marked (Pending) until paid for.
A (Pending) booking will drop the reservation 48 hours before the date of the booking.

Room Rates

Rates are predicated on 5 hours of usage.
The standard to reserve a single block is $40.
To reserve a room all day on a weekend or holiday – 2 blocks – is $70.

There are two types of special reservations – Recurring and Variable.

A Recurring reservation is the booking of 4 or more blocks on different specific days/times. (i.e. my group wants to use the Dragon Room every Monday for D&D) A Recur is $30 per block, minimum of 4 blocks that can be 4 different blocks or combined for full day reservations.
An additional advantage of having a Recur Booking is that during the period of your Recurring Reservation, if you are at the store and the room is available, you can book a block that day for your Recur rate of $30.

A Variable reservation is the booking of 4 or more blocks without specifying the days/times. (i.e. I would like to make 5 bookings that I can use when I want subject to room availability) A Variable is $35 per block, minimum 4 blocks that can be 4 different bookings or combined for full day bookings.

Sometimes a room might be available for less than 5 hours. (i.e. it is 8pm Friday night and the Dragon room is available and you want to use it. Since there is only 3 guaranteed hours till closing, you shouldn’t have to pay for 5 hours.) You can book the remaining time in a block for $6/hour for Recurring Bookers, $7/hour for Variable Bookers and $8/hour for all others, rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

Booking Cancellations

A Booking can be canceled and either refunded into your store credit account or added to your existing Recur. Cancellations within 48 hours of the date of the booking will incur a $5 cancellation fee.