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It is time for our annual Warhammer 40K GT!

Preregister below.

Event Fee: $55*. Capped at 32 players

Prize Support: The winner will receive an ITC legal Ork army.

Additional prize support TBD

Format: ITC legal w/ clocks.


September 15th
9AM – Doors Open
10AM – Round 1 Start
1PM – 30 minute break
1:30PM – Round 2 Start
4:30PM – Round 3 Start
7:30PM – Round 3 End

September 16th
10AM – Doors Open
11AM – Round 4 Start
2PM – 30 minute break
2:30PM – Round 5 Start
5:30PM – Round 5 End; Prizes awarded



You can use the below PayPal link to register or you may register in the store.

*There is an additional $2 fee for PayPal registration.

Player Name:
Player 2 Name: